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Wallace and Comptroller Mendoza Remind Area Residents to Check for Uncashed Checks


From State Representative Litesa Wallace                          
For Immediate Release:                                                                            
May 12, 2017                                                                                            
Wallace and Comptroller Mendoza Remind Area Residents to Check for Uncashed Checks
SPRINGFIELD, Ill.  State Rep. Litesa Wallace, D-Rockford, is highlighting a program to reunite local taxpayers and small businesses with uncashed checks issued by the State of Illinois through Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza's Check for Cash program.
"It's possible that there are individuals and businesses in Rockford that have money owed to them," Wallace said. "Through a simple process on the Comptroller's website, they can discover and receive the money that is due to them."
Each year, the State of Illinois issues thousands of checks that go uncashed, most frequently to state employees, local governments and small businesses doing business with a state agency. Over the years, these uncashed checks have accumulated to over $30 million in unclaimed taxpayer money.
Comptroller Mendoza's Check for Cash website, which can be found at, provides a simple way for citizens to find out if an uncashed check is being held in their name and fill out paperwork to make a claim.
"Through our online database, anyone can look up if they have an uncashed check and start the process right there to get that check reissued," Comptroller Mendoza said. "These checks don't represent any new spending--they are rightfully owed to someone and I believe we ought to do our part to make sure those taxpayers aren't shortchanged."
The Comptroller currently has records of more than 100,000 uncashed checks. For information, please contact Wallace's full-time constituent service office at 815-987-7433.

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