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Dear Friend,
I prefer to play my part and do my job rather than to criticize about others – but the future of our state is too important. 
Since Governor Rauner was elected, Illinois has received 6 credit downgrades. Moody's Investment Services warned us that unless Illinois passes a budget by May 31, 2017, Illinois bonds will be junk.  With a junk credit rating, you and I will pay hundreds of millions of dollars in interest.  We cannot afford to be a deadbeat state.   The worst part is none of this has to happen. 
Governor Rauner needs to stop campaigning and start governing. 
The endless TV ads won't get us a budget.  The campaign tours around the state won't get us a budget.
We need to pass a balanced budget this month and pay our bills. Illinois families know the importance of paying their bills on time – why can't the Governor realize the importance?
Join me in urging the Governor to work with the General Assembly to pass a comprehensive budget for Illinois.
Our future is at stake. 


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