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STREET REPORT: Rockford Public Schools No. 205- SAY NO TO OUTSOURCING!

STREET REPORT: Rockford Public Schools No. 205- SAY NO TO OUTSOURCING!  Rockford needs good jobs that make our community stronger, not poverty wages that drag us all down. Last evening, the Rockford School Board held a special meeting to discuss "Transportation Outsourcing." Workers, parents, religious and community supporters turned out to forcefully voice their objections and concerns about Superintendent Jarrett and the Board of Education's reckless privatization scheme.  Local 1275 AFSCME Bus Driver Union President Ashley Smith gave powerful testimony during the public appearance segment of the hearing, "This outsourcing thing that you're doing to us, I think it's a punishment because we're fighting on our contract," Smith said.  "That's all it is.  I fear that you've done this year after year every time we go through a contract, but I guess we haven't fought hard enough."  Council 31 AFSCME has moved to file numerous Unfair Labor Practice Charges against the RPS 205 with the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board.
Click on the link: and immediately send a letter to RPS 205 Board of Education and urge them to STOP their plans of outsourcing school bus drivers and nutrition services. Instead, bargain in good faith with school bus drivers, paraprofessionals and nutritional service employees who need fair wages and affordable health care.
Together we can continue to make our city's future brighter!
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