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Oppose Removal of Democratic Candidates From Ballot - Valeri DeCastris


IL 67th District State Representative Candidate Valeri DeCastris' Statement
Removal of Candidates from Primary Ballot

Valeri DeCastris

Valeri DeCastris, Candidate for the Illinois House from the 67th District comments on the Illinois State Board of Election's removal of Jesse Aguirre and Lisa Jackson from the March 20, 2018 Democratic primary ballot.

"I think that it is truly sad that the hard work of Jesse Aguirre and Lisa Jackson and their volunteers to secure them a place on the March 20, 2018 Democrat primary ballot has failed. Every American deserves a chance to run for office and voters deserve choices. The electoral process is confusing and difficult. I obtained over 1,600 signatures (over 3 times the required number) on my petitions because they are often challenged. And, I was approached by people who wanted me to challenge my opponents' petitions, but I refused to be a party to this.

Of all of the candidates running for the 67th District State Representative, I am the only one who signed a pledge statement with the Illinois Board of Elections stating that I will not engage in negative campaigning. Instead, I will run on my strong record of accomplishments as the best qualified person for this office because of my experience working for the Illinois Legislature and State agencies and my decades of successful volunteer community service throughout Illinois. I will vigorously advocate for my hometown of Rockford in Springfield and work hard to improve Illinois. I welcome the involvement of Mr. Aguirre and Ms. Jackson in my campaign so we can work together to make a better future for all of us."



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