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Breakfast Matters - JB for Governor

Last week, we released a video called "Breakfast Matters," about the work I did to expand school breakfast for 230,000 Illinois kids.
Studies show that breakfast is important for student development- and setting our kids up for success early is good for them and good for Illinois. That's why I've worked on improving early childhood education for years, and why it will be one of my top priorities as governor. 
My early childhood education plan lays out key points to move us forward, like ensuring every child attends universal pre-k and kindergarten, increasing support and resources for families with young children, and investing in teachers and classrooms. 
This plan will help Illinois students learn critical skills early on, ensuring their long-term success, and it will help our state thrive. Investing in early learning will also benefit taxpayers through budget savings in K-12 education. Finally, it will create a generation of Illinoisans with the skills necessary to get good-paying jobs and revitalize our economy.
Bruce Rauner claims he supports education, but he created a school funding crisis that damaged our public schools and jeopardized our kids' futures.


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