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Mike Frerichs – They said it couldn't be done...

Dear Friend, 
When I began the fight to make sure that grieving family members received the death benefits that their loved ones wanted them to have, I heard many things. I heard that we were wasting our time. I heard that the fight was too tough. The insurance industry was too strong.
Yesterday, we proved them wrong. 
Yesterday, the Illinois Senate voted to override the Governor's veto of our Life Insurance Reform Act. The House had voted to override in the first week of veto session. 
Governor Rauner had put the profits of greedy life insurance companies over the needs of grieving families. We didn't allow that to stand. 
Because of your advocacy last Spring, we were able to pass a bill that requires life insurance companies to compare electronic records of policies in force since 2000 with the Social Security Administration's Death Master File (DMF) to determine if policies should have been paid to families. In just a 4 year period, an outside auditor hired by the Treasurer's Office identified more than $550 million held by life insurance companies that should be have been paid to loved ones in Illinois. 
That was unacceptable. With your help, we defeated the Governor and the Life Insurance industry. 
Thank you for your help in this fight. 
Now, on to the next battle!


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