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DREAMers know one country – Tammy Duckworth

President Trump broke his promise and betrayed fundamental American values once again by rescinding DACA.

Now the future of DREAMers -- nearly 800,000 young adults brought to this country as children -- is in peril.

DREAMers only know one country: the United States of America. They are as much at home in this country as you or I. America is where DREAMers built their lives. They went to school here or served in the military and continue to contribute to our economy.

We can't turn our backs on DREAMers. They have done nothing wrong.

They kept up their end of the deal. DREAMers registered with the government and underwent extensive background checks. They are upstanding, law-abiding members of their communities.

Right now, DACA is set to expire in just six months, which means Congress has six months to do the right thing. That's where you come in. It's going to take a lot of activism and public pressure to get Republicans in Congress to move quickly on this.

If we speak loudly with one voice, we can make sure DREAMers are not sent away from the country they know and love. Tell Congress to protect DREAMers so they can live their lives free from the fear of deportation.

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