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Dear Friend, 
With a stroke of a pen, Governor Rauner chose to side with life insurance companies instead of grieving widows and orphans.
Governor Rauner vetoed House Bill 302, which is an initiative of my office to ensure people are put before corporate profits.
House Bill 302 will require life insurance companies to search their computer files to identify policies that have not been paid to the rightful beneficiaries going back to the year 2000.  Through audits my office found over $550 million owed to Illinois residents that insurance companies had not paid.  Insurance companies representing 80 percent of the market have already done the right thing and paid what their records show that they owe.
We are in a fierce battle with the last 20 percent of insurers. Some of these companies told the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission that paying beneficiaries would cut into their profits and force them to change their business model. 
Working families across Illinois are owed millions of dollars from life insurance companies, yet Governor Rauner is trying to deny those families the money that is owed to them.
I will continue to fight corporate interests who try to shirk their responsibilities.

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