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Shame on you, Governor – Illinois Senate Democrats


Last Friday, while most hard working Illinoisans were preparing for a well-deserved weekend, Gov. Rauner used his veto power to block a trio of bills designed to make Illinois a better place to work and live.

With the stroke of a pen, Rauner showed his support for keeping low wage employees in poverty, keeping recent graduates in debt, and enabling employers to continue discriminatory policies against women.

Plain and simple; Bruce Rauner will always be on the side of billionaire CEO's and big banks, not the working people. 

The Illinois Senate Democrats proudly stand for a $15/hour minimum wage, student loan reform, and gender pay equality. Chip in $15 to show Bruce Rauner and his billionaire buddies whose side you're on -- 

Hard working people who have been left behind need a raise, student borrowers deserve to know their rights, and women shouldn't be penalized for the sins of their previous employers.

- Illinois Senate Democrats

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