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Wallace Calls on Governor and Lawmakers to Come Back to the Table


                                           From State Representative Litesa Wallace                         
For Immediate Release:                                                                                             
June 15, 2017                                                   
Wallace Calls on Governor and Lawmakers to Come Back to the Table
ROCKFORD, Ill – As seniors, children with disabilities, survivors of domestic violence and other vulnerable residents continue to suffer, state Rep. Litesa Wallace, D-Rockford, is calling on Gov. Bruce Rauner and lawmakers to return to the negotiating table and craft an honest, balanced budget.
"While the Senate did put forth a spending plan, too much of it unfortunately relies on unrealistic savings and harsh cuts to critically needed programs," Wallace said. "It will require a truly bipartisan effort to resolve this crisis, which is why the governor and legislators from both chambers need to compromise and come together on a budget. The job is not over for any lawmaker in Springfield."
Wallace and House appropriations committees have continued to review the budget proposal from the Senate, and are concerned that the plan involves a number of budgetary gimmicks that will cost taxpayers long-term. The Senate plan is balanced on projections of items not yet in place, including a pension bill and changes to state employee insurance premiums that have not been agreed to by state employees. Additionally, the measure would allow for billions of dollars in borrowing without addressing a way to repay the debt.
Wallace is also concerned about the impact the budget would have on those who rely on critical services that would have their budgets slashed. Women who need breast cancer screenings, developmentally disabled and college students who depend on MAP grants to go to school would be affected.
"At this point in the year, it will take Republican and Democratic votes in order to pass a budget," Wallace said. "It would be irresponsible to push through a plan without taking a close look at what's in the proposal. Only when everyone is willing to stop playing politics and come to the table will we be able to resolve and move past this crisis."
For more information, please contact Wallace's constituent service office at 815-987-7433 or at


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