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Frerichs for Illinois - We are out of time!

Dear Friend, 
We are out of time. Last month, I warned that Illinois needed a budget by May 31, 2017 or else the bond houses would downgrade our credit rating. It is happening. 
After the failure of leaders in Springfield to negotiate a budget by the end of legislative session, the financial institutions took notice and action immediately. On June 1, 2017, the S & P Global Ratings immediately downgraded the state's credit rating. Moody's Investors Services followed suit and lowered Illinois's credit rating. 
Illinois is sliding into junk bond status. 
The state's credit rating is much like your personal credit rating. Illinois families understand that when your credit rating drops, it is more difficult to secure a mortgage or car loan. If you do obtain a loan, you pay higher interest rates because the financial institution views you as a risk. 
Illinois is viewed as a risk. 
We need a responsible and balanced budget now or else we will slide into junk bond status. We are digging a financial hole that will take decades to recover from. We are out of time. 



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