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Wallace Bill to Increase Protections Against Lead Contamination Becomes Law -- Press Release Attached


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State Rep. Litesa Wallace

Wallace Bill to Increase Protections Against Lead Contamination Becomes 

ROCKFORD, Ill. – Under a new law supported by state Rep. Litesa Wallace, 
D-Rockford, which will take effect on Jan. 1, property owners will be 
required to address and notify potential owners and lessees about lead 
problems before selling or renting a residence.

"Sellers and landlords need to be upfront about potential health hazards 
when offering a living space, and this legislation requiring they notify 
potential buys and owners is a step in the right direction," Wallace 
said. "Lead can be a serious health hazard to families, and this new law 
will help to ensure that proper steps are taken to preserve the health 
and well-being of occupants."

Slated to take effect beginning Jan. 1, Senate Bill 2300 requires a 
property owner to inform a prospective occupant of known lead 
contamination prior to entering a lease, renewing a lease or closing on 
a sale. Lead, which causes illness through exposure, is often found in 
the walls of older houses and apartment buildings. According to the 
Illinois Department of Public Health, approximately 75 percent of homes 
in Illinois built before 1978 contain some form of lead-based paint.

"Unfortunately, there have been instances in Illinois where landlords 
have made multiple renters sick because they decided to hide a serious 
problem," Wallace said. "This new law creates needed transparency and 
accountability, something desperately needed in our state."

For more information, or to submit an idea, please contact Wallace's 
full-time constituent service office at 815-987-7433, or email 



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