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Senator Stadelman's Weekly Bulletin - December 15, 2016

Stadelman: Jet repair business promises to rev up local economy 

Senator Steve Stadelman emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships and
intergovernmental cooperation this week at the ribbon-cutting for the AAR Corp. jet repair facility
at Chicago-Rockford International Airport.

The 200,000-square-foot hangar is expected to employ 150 mechanics by summer and 500
workers overall with as many as 1,000 jobs when fully operational. Federal, state and local
governments are contributing to the $40 million cost of the project.

"We cannot underestimate the value of the either the short-term construction jobs or the quality
long-term employment opportunities AAR has brought and will continue to bring to the Rockford
area," Stadelman said. "The facility also enhances the power of the airport as an economic
engine for our community."

Stadelman bill to ease former inmate transition becomes law

Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed into law a proposal to require the Department of Corrections
to issue an ID card that is valid for 90 days when an individual is released from incarceration.
Steve Stadelman was a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 3368, passed the General Assembly recently
during veto session. 
Under the current process, inmates must request a 30-day ID through the DOC and later apply
for a standard state ID through the Secretary of State. Inmates who have been released often
struggle to obtain their standard state IDs due to a failure to obtain proof of identity, lack of
funds to pay for the ID or other clerical issues. Failing to have a state ID can make it significantly
harder to reintegrate back into society. 
"These inmates have already served their time," Stadelman said. " This bipartisan legislation
will make it easier for them to again become productive members of society."

Stadelman honors parolee grads and youth outreach volunteers

State Senator Steve Stadelman congratulated 28 graduates of GEO Reentry Services
parolee acclimation program this week (bottom) and presented each with Certificates of
Recognition from the Illinois Senate commending them for their commitment to
self-improvement and mastery of new life skills.

Positive Reflections Community Outreach CEO Janene Stephenson and other volunteer
organizers (top) also received honors from Springfield when Senator Stadelman visited
the group's annual Youth Holiday Party at Patriots Gateway Center.


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