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Wallace Again Calls on Governor to Sign Bi-Partisan Human Services Emergency Funding Bill


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June 24, 2016 State Rep. Litesa Wallace

Wallace Again Calls on Governor to Sign Bi-Partisan Human Services
Emergency Funding Bill

ROCKFORD, Ill. – More than a month after an emergency human services
funding bill was delivered to the governor's desk, state Rep. Litesa
Wallace, D-Rockford, is again urging the governor to put Illinois
residents first and sign the stopgap bill which passed with overwhelming
bi-partisan support.

"While I continue to prefer a more permanent spending solution, this
bill passed with bi-partisan support because both sides realized the
immediate need to provide a lifeline for human service providers that
were on the verge of closing their doors," Wallace said. "This need
continues to get worse. Despite the calls of desperate providers who are
on the verge of laying off staff and turning away those who need care,
Gov. Rauner has refused to act and would rather use the bill as a
negotiating chip for his non-budgetary special interest agenda."

Senate Bill 2038 passed both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly
without opposition before being delivered to the governor on May 18. The
bill was a compromise to allow partial funding for service agencies that
provide work for the developmentally disabled, seniors, children and
low-income individuals in need of care. Under the plan, approximately
$700 million would be distributed statewide to programs and
organizations that have gone without funding since the budget impasse
began last summer.

"Since the governor took office, his decision making has created
unparalleled gridlock and put thousands of seniors, children and
developmentally disabled at risk of losing critical and sometimes
life-saving services," Wallace said. "This was one of the few examples
in which members on both sides of the aisle were able to come together
and pass a reasonable plan of action. Instead of taking notice of this
cooperation, the governor decided to continue to hold human service
agencies hostage and force a crisis. This is not a responsible way to
govern. The residents of Rockford deserve better."

For more information, please contact Wallace's full-time constituent
service office at 815-987-7433, or email


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