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Sen. Stadelman – Stopgap budget a good start, but not the permanent solution

Stadelman: Stopgap budget a good start, but not the permanent solution
Legislation that would keep schools open, get funding to Rock Valley Community College and keep government agencies and construction projects operating received State Sen. Steve Stadelman's (D-Rockford) vote today.
"This is only a temporary budget and not a permanent solution, but it gets more funding to schools throughout my district and ensures they will open on time," Stadelman said.
Under the plan, Rockford School District gains almost $6.5 million more than what it received last year and Harlem School District gains $880,000 more than last year.
The higher education portion of the legislation provides funding for state universities, community colleges, grants for low-income college students and career and technical education programs.
"This proposal should help alleviate some of the funding issues Rock Valley Community College has faced during the budget impasse," Stadelman said. "Funding higher education should not be a partisan issue, and today is an example of the positive things the legislature and governor can do when they work together."
The proposal backed by Stadelman also includes stopgap fudding to keep state agencies and road construction projects operating. Additionally, it invests in human services programs that help seniors, the disabled and other vulnerable populations.
With Stadelman's support, Senate Bill 2047 was approved by the Illinois Senate and will now head to the governor for final approval.

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