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Senator Stadelman's Weekly Bulletin - Sept. 6, 2018

HoopStars tourney provides memorable Labor Day for the whole family
After six years, Senator Stadelman's HoopStars has become part of our community's Labor Day tradition. The free 3-on-3 youth basketball tournament drew 300 players this year and hundreds more spectators.

When launching the competition in 2013, Labor Day was selected to help fill the void left by the loss of On The Waterfront. Since moving indoors to UW Health Sports Factory from outdoor courts at Davis Park, the number of parents, grandparents and siblings cheering from the sidelines has grown.
"HoopStars continues to offer a positive, no-cost athletic opportunity for boys and girls in grades 3-8 and a fun way for families to mark the end of summer and start of the school year," Stadelman said. "I remain most gratified by the diversity of the players and good-natured rivalry on the courts."

Bracket-winning teams left with 1st-place medals, but every player took home a commemorative T-shirt. Stadelman credits support from the Rockford Park District and financial generosity of ComEd, Comcast and Drive Right School of Driving for helping make the event possible.
Pictured below: 3rd-grade boys champions and their coach with Senator Stadelman.

Stadelman supports set of new laws to help reform DCFS
In response to continued high-profile failures at the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), State Senator Steve Stadelman supported efforts to reform the agency that is tasked with protecting neglected and abused children in Illinois. During the spring legislative session, Stadelman voted in favor of three new initiatives that the governor now has signed into law: 
  • Senate Bill 293 requiring DCFS to maintain a central register of all unfounded reports for five years following the date of a final finding.
  • Senate Bill 2461 requiring DCFS to enter into contracts with agencies or to complete development for specialized placements for youth in the department's care who are victims of sex trafficking.
  • House Bill 4887 requiring DCFS to assist youth in DCFS care in identifying and obtaining documents necessary to function as an independent adult prior closing a court case ending the youth's time as a ward of the state under the Juvenile Court Act.
All three bills take effect Jan. 1, 2019.

Stadelman backs formation of state women's council
A council dedicated to the research and investigation of social and economic factors that hold back women and girls in society is being established in Illinois as a result of legislation supported by State Senator Steve Stadelman and recently signed into law by the governor. Stadelman said the Illinois Council on Women and Girls will issue semi-annual reports on ways to tear down the barriers that keep women and girls from achieving their full potential.

Stadelman backs broader ban on synthetic marijuana
Following a wave of deaths related to synthetic cannabis overdoses, a new law supported by State Senator Steve Stadelman will broaden the classification of drugs that skirt regulation through minute formula tweaks. Many synthetic cannabinoids are already illegal, but by broadening the criteria ensures they can't be made legal by small and potentially deadly changes to their chemical makeup.
Beginning in March, news reports throughout the Midwest have revealed the usue of synthetic cannabinoids -- called by names like "fake weed" and "K2" -- leading to deaths and severe hemorrhaging. The Centers for Disease Control reported that 99 percent of these cases have occurred in Illinois.
Senate Bill 2341 adds all synthetic cannabinoids to the Controlled Substances Act and makes synthetics subject to emergency controlled substance scheduling. Manufacturers will be subject to a Class 3 felony charge, while those charged with simple possession would face a Class 4 felony. The expansion took effect immediately with the governor's signature in August.