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Rock River Times Endorses John Nelson for County Board Chairman

From John Nelson's website:

I sincerely thank Frank Schier of the Rock River Times for endorsing me for County Board Chairman.

Unfortunately for Mr. Schier, he announced in the same issue of the paper that he has suffered a stroke.
 I ask that you, the readers of this post, keep Frank in your prayers. Read his statement here.

Democrat John Nelson is the pragmatic leader the county board needs. He is committed to ending the nepotism and corruption that has permeated the county's operations. He is committed to putting the county back on stable financial ground. He is committed to finding creative solutions to the crime problems that continue to plague the community. And he will be able to look past the same kabal of business owners who have controlled county politics for more than two-decades to find new economic development potential for our area.

Again, thank you Frank, and we all wish you quick recovery.

John Nelson,
Democratic Candidate for Winnebago County Board Chairman


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